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Kandahar Chronicles

Earlier this week the Citizen Lab began hosting a weblog for a relief worker in Kandahar, Aghanistan. This blog will be updated as often as possible by ‘Carlos’ (The writers name has been changed for security reasons) and hopes to give more insight into the day to day life of NGO field workers. Check out… Read more »

Return of the Multimedia

After a fairly lengthy hiatus the multimedia portions of are coming back online. Currently the labcam the snapshot cam (visible to left) and all the static content is back up. We hope to have Prof. D’s cam back up shortly. Bear with us as we stress test our new multimedia server running a freshly… Read more »

Activist TV Online!

All six episodes of Activist TV are now available online here in streaming real player format. These 28 minute episodes follow last year’s Citizen Labbers as they try and create awareness for Neglected diseases.