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Russian LiveJournal users fear election crackdown

Source: Olga Khrustaleva, Moscow News

The biggest-ever hack attack on LiveJournal, the world’s biggest blogging network, and its prominent opposition voices, has prompted bloggers to fear a new wave of shut-offs closer to the elections.

Last week, from Monday to Friday, a massive series of DDoS attacks, believed to emanate from computers in Latin America, hit LiveJournal’s Qwest and Verizon servers – hitting the network’s most prominent anti-government critics, including anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny.

The bloggers are hitting back, however, accusing authorities of wanting to quieten opposition in the run-up to the elections – but insisting the clampdown would be unsuccessful.

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Russian government blamed for LiveJournal DDoS attack

“The distributed denial of service attack on the Cyrillic language section of the blogging portal reportedly started on Wednesday of last week and continued through until Tuesday, although there have been other reported outages since then.

According to the Moscow Times, hackers used botnet-driven computers in Asia and Eastern Europe to flood the LiveJournal servers with page requests, effectively paralysing the site for several hours at a time.”

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