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Google-China cyber espionage saga – FAQ

With more details emerging on the inner workings of the targeted malware attack that hit Google and over 30 other companies (ZDNet News Special Coverage – Special Report: Google, China showdown), it’s time to summarize all the events that took place during the past week, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions such… Read more »

Google’s New Approach

Google has just announced that there were successful attacks against their infrastructure resulting in the theft of intellectual property. Google traced the attacks to China and although the attribution regarding the Chinese government is unclear, Google also discovered that the attackers also attempted to compromise the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. From Nart… Read more »

Targeted Malware Attack on Foreign Correspondents based in China

The Information Warfare Monitor has released a report entitled Targeted Malware Attack on Foreign Correspondents based in China, authored by Nart Villeneuve and Greg Walton. The report adds some interesting details to recent reports of targeted attacks against foreign correspondents in China, including details on the command and control servers. The report has been covered… Read more »