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Internal Affairs websites attacked

“NEW ZEALAND–Internal Affairs’ websites may have been knocked offline by a group of online activists that has previously attacked the websites of financial institutions and Middle Eastern governments.

Access to the department’s main websites was blocked for most of yesterday, although spokesman Tony Wallace said it couldn’t be sure whether it was the result of action by the group Anonymous, which warned in a YouTube video that it would launch a “denial-of-service” attack from Monday.”

From The Dominion Post

McDonald’s to review blocked websites

“New Zealand–McDonald’s will make a decision today about its internet filtering system after complaints of gay websites being blocked through the restaurants’ new free Wi-Fi service.

People trying to access the lifestyle website discovered they could not find the site, among others, and the website challenged the fast-food giant – which offers free WiFi access in 132 of its restaurants nationwide – to review its access policy.

Rainbow Youth, a support website for gay young people, is also one of the blocked sites.”