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Dropbox Tries To Kill Off Open Source Project With DMCA Takedown

“Teck points us to the troubling news of Dropbox seeking to kill off an open source project through questionable means, involving DMCA notices. As you may have heard, Dropbox got into a bit of a security/privacy kerfuffle lately after some researchers questioned the news that it uses a hash function to deduplicate files on its servers. If you don’t know, Dropbox is a cloud storage system that’s pretty useful. However, one of the ways it attempted to save some costs was that if you sought to upload a file that was identical to a file on someone else’s shared server, it wouldn’t actually “upload” your file, but just point you to the single file. There were clear security and privacy questions about this.”

From techdirt

Eavesdropping on GSM: Cheap and Easy

“GSM mobile phone networks are becoming the backbone of communications and commerce in the developed and developing worlds, but those networks may be easily susceptible to eavesdropping, according to a presentation at the annual Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) in Berlin.”

From Threat Post

Hackers crack open mobile network

“Mobile calls and texts made on any GSM network can be eavesdropped upon using four cheap phones and open source software, say security researchers.

Karsten Nohl and Sylvain Munaut demonstrated their eavesdropping toolkit at the Chaos Computer Club Congress (CCC) in Berlin.

The work builds on earlier research that has found holes in many parts of the most widely used mobile technology.”

From BBC News

A virtual counter-revolution

“The OpenNet Initiative, an advocacy group, lists more than a dozen countries that block internet content for political, social and security reasons. They do not need especially clever technology: governments go increasingly after dominant online firms because they are easy to get hold of. In April Google published the numbers of requests it had received from official agencies to remove content or provide information about users. Brazil led both counts.”

From The Economist

Finland makes broadband a ‘legal right’

“Finland has become the first country in the world to make broadband a legal right for every citizen.

From 1 July every Finn will have the right to access to a 1Mbps (megabit per second) broadband connection.

Finland has vowed to connect everyone to a 100Mbps connection by 2015.

In the UK the government has promised a minimum connection of at least 2Mbps to all homes by 2012 but has stopped short of enshrining this as a right in law.”

From BBC News

The Potential of Open Development for Canada and Abroad

New technologies are transforming the ways we interact — recent trends point toward more and more openness.

This expanded access to information, through social media and open source collaboration, has improved people’s lives, created more opportunities for political participation, and boosted entrepreneurship. But with these advances come some concerns. How will policymakers address rising challenges such as unequal access, threats to privacy, and intellectual property rights?

Watch the video here from The International Development Research Centre.

Open Source

Even when restricted by intellectual property and copyright issues, the Internet still has one area that remains one big, happy sharing family – users of open-source software. From TheCourant

Google must share code, open-source expert says

Companies such as Google that build their business on software such as Linux have a moral imperative to contribute back to the free software community, a prominent open-source advocate said yesterday. Eben Moglen, a Columbia university professor and chairman of the Software Freedom Law Center, made his comments during a speech at the Open Source… Read more »