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RFID: A moral dilemma

Supermarket chains and departments stores are considering the use of a new technology. A device that would some day replace bar codes. The chip comes in sizes as small as an ant’s head and emits radio signals that can carry information such as serial number that could be correlated with price, manufactured location, or expiration… Read more »

Biometric-based passport in the works

The State Department is developing a passport that contains biometric technology to authenticate the identities of U.S. citizens who travel abroad. A driving force behind the initiative is a new law that requires countries participating in the U.S. Visa Waiver Program to issue machine-readable passports and incorporate biometric identifiers that comply with international standards. The… Read more »

Eye scan to order school dinners

Pupils at a school in Sunderland will be using an eye scanning security system, when their new £14m building opens in September. The technology will be used on pupils buying meals in the school canteen, and also in the library when children want to take out books. It will secretly pick out poorer pupils who… Read more »

Border tracking system will be partially operational by year’s end

One of the Bush administration’s most ambitious and complicated homeland security initiatives—the tracking of about 35 million foreign visitors as they enter and exit the United States annually—will be partially operational by the end of the year, Homeland Security Department officials said Tuesday. From

Foreign student tracking system called inefficient, intrusive

Under new homeland security laws, all U.S. schools have to register their foreign students in the database, known as the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). The system keeps tabs on the courses students take, where they travel and whether they’ve had disciplinary problems or been arrested. From

Pentagon's TIA Oversight Board Grapples with Privacy Issues

The Defense Department’s Technology and Privacy Advisory Committee held its first public meeting today in Arlington, Virginia. In the midst of the Congressional debate concerning the Total Information Awareness program in January, the Secretary of Defense established the external board to review the controversial program. The move was seen as an attempt to deflect criticism… Read more »

EPIC Seeks CAPPS II Details; Congress Focuses on Program

EPIC filed suit on June 11 in the U.S. District Court seeking disclosure of information concerning the development of the government’s controversial passenger profiling program. The lawsuit alleges that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Department of Defense (DOD) have failed to comply with the disclosure requirements of the Freedom… Read more »

'Big Brother' watching new super diary?

A Pentagon project to develop a digital super diary that records heartbeats, travel, Internet chats — everything a person does — also could provide private companies with powerful software to analyze behavior. That has privacy experts worried. Known as LifeLog, the project aims to capture and analyze a multimedia record of everywhere a subject goes… Read more »