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Cautious response to 'snoop' plans

Following a summer of discontent and lobbying from privacy and human rights groups, the government backed down on proposals to allow a multiplicity of public bodies access to personal data. From the From the BBC


The sensitive and sensible folk at Privacy International have endured enough of this treatment. So until March 15th 2003 we are running an international competition to discover the world’s most pointless, intrusive, stupid and self-serving security measures. Nominations should be submitted to by March 15th, 2003. Go here for more.

Getting to know you (Toronto Star)

If you’re thinking of becoming a customer of Royal Bank of Canada, be prepared to have your name cross-checked against a massive database of money launderers, criminals and other suspicious individuals. Canada’s largest bank has quietly invested in a private U.S. database firm created last year to conduct in-depth background checks on new and existing… Read more »

Year in Privacy: Citizens Lose

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” — Ben Franklin. Lauren Weinstein comments in Wired on the state of priviacy in 2002