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Putin proposes online debate on crucial social bills

“Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has proposed developing a procedure for online discussion of socially significant legislation and for online voting on the most sound ideas.

In his annual address to parliament on Wednesday, the premier called on the government to take into account the views of ordinary people.

“The government, as the author of most legislation, will soon come up with a new format for drawing up bills,” Putin said. “We want people to be involved in the process.””

From RIA Novosti

China’s Silent Cyber Takeover?

“According to the Go proverb ‘Play on the Point of Symmetry,’ when right and left have the same shape, there’s play in the centre. The ancient Chinese game of Go provides an apt metaphor for how China and Russia are leveraging US multinational corporations’ economic requirements to accomplish strategic goals that could quite plausibly include covert technology transfer of intellectual property, access to source code for use in malware creation and backdoor access to critical infrastructure.”

From The Diplomat

Russia looks abroad for web laws, including to China

“(Reuters) – Russia is looking to the experience of other countries, including China, to “regulate” Internet use, though Moscow has no plans to broaden web censorship, a government spokesman said on Saturday.

Weeks after hacker attacks temporarily closed down the country’s most popular blog site, a state tender calling for research into “foreign experience in regulating” the Internet has revived fears that authorities plan to clamp down on Internet freedoms ahead of 2012 presidential elections.”

From Reuters

Analysis: Russian Internet attacks stifle political dissent

“Russian hacker attacks on the country’s biggest blog site and a spy agency’s warning to Gmail and Skype have raised fears that authorities are tightening their grip on dissent in a China-like assault on free speech.

In a country where much media is state-run, the Internet is one of the last bastions of free speech. Russian bloggers freely criticize authorities and a study released last month by internet research firm Comscore found that Russians are the world’s most active social networking users, with visitors spending an average of 9.8 hours on social networks monthly, more than double the global average.”

From Reuters

Russian media is instrument of state control – editor

“Russia’s media is no longer the force it was in the 1990s and has transformed into an instrument of state control, the editor of a leading daily newspaper said on Tuesday.

“Today the media can in no way be said to be the fourth estate,” Moskovsky Komsomolets editor Pavel Gusev said. “In 1991, in the absence of a strong unified leadership, the media really did occupy a leading position.”

While the alleged lack of an independent traditional media is well-documented, Russia’s internet has been hailed as the last place for an open discussion of the country’s most pressing problems, and a haven for whistle-blowers and critics of the Putin-Medvedev ruling tandem.”

From RIA Novosti

Freedom of Expression awards go to Ciudad Juárez and Novaya Gazeta blogs

“Ciudad Juárez, en la sombra del narcotráfico, a courageous blog about drug cartel activities, government repression and police corruption in northern Mexico, is the jury choice in the “Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom” category of this year’s BOBs (Best of Blogs competition), organized by the German radio station Deutsche Welle.

Voting on the BOBs website from 22 March to 11 April, the public also chose its own winner in each of the competition’s categories. The public’s choice in the “Reporters Without Borders” category is the blog kept by the editorial staff of the Moscow-based independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta. Providing outspoken coverage of such stories as the Caucasus and police abuses, Novaya Gazeta has become an institution in Russia and abroad.”


Russia: FSB Backs Away From Gmail Ban

“The Federal Security Service called for a ban on Skype, Gmail and Hotmail as a major threat to national security — but quickly backtracked after a squabble erupted between the camps of President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Analysts speculated that the FSB was simply looking to access the encryption codes for the three communication services — while a Gmail representative said if officials needed information on suspects, they could just ask.

The incident began when senior FSB official Alexander Andreyechkin voiced distrust Friday of foreign-based services using cryptographic algorithms that Russian security services could not access.”

From The Moscow Times

Hackers attack websites of Russian paper, blog

“A cyber attack on Friday paralyzed the website of a popular Russian independent newspaper, days after similar attacks knocked out Russia’s most popular blogging site, Live Journal.

The Novaya Gazeta newspaper’s website went down early Friday after a massive denial-of-service attack, Dmitry Muratov, the newspaper’s editor, told The Associated Press.

Muratov said the attacks aim to “discredit the public platforms which express alternative points of views.” He said he believed the attacks are linked to Russia’s 2011 parliamentary election and its presidential election in 2012.”

From The Globe and Mail

Russian security service ‘wants to ban Skype, Gmail’

“MOSCOW – The Russian security service is proposing to ban Skype, Hotmail, and Gmail as their “uncontrolled use” may threaten Russia’s security, a service official said during a government meeting Friday.

The Federal Security Service (FSB) is “increasingly concerned” by the mass use of these services, which use foreign-made encryption technology, said head of the FSB’s information and special communication centre Alexander Andreyechkin, RIA Novosti agency reported.

“Uncontrolled usage of these services may lead to massive threat to Russia’s security,” he said at a meeting of the government’s communication and technology committee.”

From The Vancouver Sun

Russian government blamed for LiveJournal DDoS attack

“The distributed denial of service attack on the Cyrillic language section of the blogging portal reportedly started on Wednesday of last week and continued through until Tuesday, although there have been other reported outages since then.

According to the Moscow Times, hackers used botnet-driven computers in Asia and Eastern Europe to flood the LiveJournal servers with page requests, effectively paralysing the site for several hours at a time.”

From Infosecurity