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Exploring the Chinese internet with WeiboScope

Source: Ethan Zuckerman

Scholars of social media spend a lot of time studying Twitter. Twitter’s not the largest social network in the world – Facebook has at least twice as many users – but it’s massive and influential, particularly in the world of journalism, where smart practitioners have learned to report on stories using accounts from Twitter.

India asks Google, Facebook to screen user content

Source: New York Times

The Indian government has asked Internet companies and social media sites like Facebook to prescreen user content from India and to remove disparaging, inflammatory or defamatory content before it goes online, three executives in the information technology industry say.

China vows stricter controls on social media

Source: Reuters

China will intensify controls of online social media and instant messaging tools, the ruling Communist Party said in an agenda-setting document that marks the government’s highest-level reaction so far to the explosive growth of microblogs.

Cloud protesting: Dissent in times of social media

In a new blog post, Citizen Lab Post-Doctoral Fellow Stefania Milan argues that as a result of the diffusion of social media, we have now entered the age of cloud protesting, where individuals and networked collective action have taken central stage.