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DOD buying into facial recognition

The use of facial recognition solutions is rapidly gaining steam in the Defense Department, as evidenced by the recent award of two contracts to further develop the technology. From Federal Computer Week (FCW)

Law Would Spy on Ashcroft

The U.S. government’s most secret class of Internet spying, telephone wiretaps and physical searches would become slightly less secret under legislation proposed this week reflecting lawmakers’ growing unease with the Justice Department’s use of expanded surveillance powers. From Security Focus

'Little Brother' could be watching you, too

Next time you go out for a walk, don’t forget to smile for the camera. In these times of heightened security awareness and rapidly falling technology costs, it’s no longer just banks and grocery stores that are using hidden surveillance cameras — a growing number of Americans are installing them, as well as using secret… Read more »

Surveillance & Society

Surveillance & Society the fully peer-reviewed transdisciplinary online surveillance studies journal.

Use of Data Collection Systems Is Up Sharply Following 9/11

In the 20 months since Sept. 11, 2001, little-known government and commercial databases that track the movements and backgrounds of everyday Americans have steadily ballooned. From the Wall Street Journal via Cryptome. There is also a good EFF critical review of the TIA’s report to Congress found here

Pentagon readies massive spy system

To thwart terrorists, the Pentagon is developing a computer surveillance system that would give U.S. agents fingertip access to government and commercial records from around the world that could fill the Library of Congress more than 50 times. From the Globe and Mail

New police tool: neighborhood watch by Web

“If bicycles are being stolen from Elm Street between 1st and 3rd Avenues, E-lerts go out to residents of the affected blocks.” (I guess I won’t be sneaking out for a late-night smoke anymore…) From the Christian Science Monitor

Surveillance Nation

Webcams, tracking devices, and interlinked databases are leading to the elimination of unmonitored public space. Are we prepared for the consequences of the intelligence-gathering network we’re unintentionally building? From Technology Review