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Pakistan sets up cyber crime wing

A Pakistani security agency has launched a special wing to combat cyber crimes in part because the country had to rely on U.S. investigators to trace e-mails sent by the kidnappers of American journalist Daniel Pearl a year ago. From CNN

Total Information Unawareness

SCORE A BIG ONE for the Luddites, and maybe for al Qaeda. On January 23, the Senate voted unanimously to ban the use of revolutionary anti-terror software before it is even developed. A hysterical media and advocacy-group campaign against the software project produced this rare senatorial unanimity. The Bush must finally defend this vital project…. Read more »

Pentagon Offers Oversight for Database Project

The Defense Department, under pressure from Congress and privacy advocates, announced on Friday the formation of two panels to oversee a project aimed at scouring computer databases for terrorist threats. From Reuters

Public-Computer Users Beware (Reuters via Wired)

BOSTON — A college student was indicted on Thursday on charges he placed software on dozens of computers that allowed him to secretly monitor what people were typing, and then stole around $2,000 using information he gleaned. From Wired News

Stalkers Use GPS to Track Victims (Wired)

Police say Seidler put a global positioning tracking device between the radiator and grill of Adams’ car. Such gadgets use a constellation of Defense Department satellites to pinpoint location and, using cellular networks, can send their coordinates to wireless handsets or computers. Wired