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Senate Rebuffs Domestic Spy Plan By Reuters

WASHINGTON — Saying they feared government snooping against ordinary Americans, U.S. senators voted Thursday to block funding for a Pentagon (news – websites) computer project that would scour databases for terrorist threats. Wired More on the same story here at ZDNET

Pentagon database plan hits snag on Hill (CNET)

WASHINGTON–A Pentagon antiterrorism plan to link databases of credit card companies, health insurers and others–creating what critics call a “domestic surveillance apparatus”–is encountering growing opposition on Capitol Hill. Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wisc., is planning to introduce a bill on Thursday to halt the Pentagon’s Total Information Awareness program. A representative said on Wednesday that if… Read more »

RFID TAGS: Big Brother in Small Packages (CNet)

in the future, we could be tracked because we’ll be wearing, eating and carrying objects that are carefully designed to do so. The generic name for this technology is RFID, which stands for radio frequency identification. RFID tags are miniscule microchips, which already have shrunk to half the size of a grain of sand. From… Read more »