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Spoofing the European Parliament

The Citizen Lab analyzes a recent targeted malware attack against the Tibetan community spoofing the June 14, 2012 resolution of the European Parliament (EP) on the human rights situation in Tibet. While such repurposing of authentic content for use as a malware delivery mechanism is not unusual, this incident raises serious questions surrounding the use of legitimate political resources for illegitimate ends.

China targets Macs used by NGOs

Source: F-secure

A new Mac backdoor exploiting CVE-2011-3544 (a Java vulnerability) is being reported. The backdoor appears to be connected to GhostNet. The malware is being used in targeted attacks against non-governmental organizations (NGO).

China orders tightened security in Lhasa

Source: China Daily

A top official from Lhasa, capital of Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region, has ordered tightened security in the city amid an “arduous” fight with the Dalai Lama group, local media reported Wednesday.