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Britain would strike first in cyberwar, government says

Source: Fox News

Britain is prepared to strike first to defend itself against a cyber attack from an enemy state, Foreign Secretary William Hague said Tuesday. His warning was the first clear signal that the UK has developed new weapons for the online battlefield.
Hague told The Sun that the globe was in the grip of a new and financially-crippling “arms race in cyberspace.”

David Cameron considers banning suspected rioters from social media

Source: Josh Halliday, The Guardian

David Cameron has told parliament that in the wake of this week’s riots the government is looking at banning people from using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook if they are thought to be plotting criminal activity.

The prime minister said the government will review whether it is possible to stop suspected rioters spreading online messages, in his opening statement during a Commons debate on Thursday on the widespread civil disorder for which MPs were recalled from their summer recess.

Paper presentation by Canada Centre Visiting Research Fellow Karl Kathuria at the FOCI ’11 Workshop

On August 8, 2011, Canada Centre Visiting Research Fellow in International Broadcasting, Karl Kathuria, and a team from the Citizen Lab presented a paper titled Bypassing Internet Censorship for News Broadcasters at the first USENIX Workshop on Free and Open Communications on the Internet (FOCI ’11) in San Francisco, California. The paper is concerned with Internet censorship as a major problem faced by news organizations.