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London 2012 Olympics faces increased cyber attack threat

“London Olympics organizers today warned of the increased danger of cyber attacks that could fatally undermine the technical network that supports everything from recording world records to relaying results to commentators.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (Locog) said it was “inevitable” that its systems would have to repel malicious attempts by hackers to bring them down.

Patrick Adiba, the chief executive of Locog’s IT partner Atos Origin Iberia, said that during the Beijing Olympics there were 14 million “events” a day, about 400 of which were “relevant events that could have been an issue that may have impacted on the Games”. All of them were blocked, he said.”

From The Guardian

Hackers will not be deterred by UK cyber defences, report warns

“Military “cyber weaponry” will become commonplace this century, but it will be unlikely to deter attacks by “hacktivists” and criminal gangs, and could easily be used for state-sponsored cyber attacks instead, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development warns.

The British authors of the study, which is released today, also caution that “lurid language” and lobbying by technology firms distort the government’s plans to protect Britain against cyber attacks.

In response to other hacking attacks from groups inside China and Russia, military preparations have begun to gather pace, the study says. But it also warns: “It is not too difficult for nation states to set up covert cyber attack units. Any agency that researches, for defensive purposes, the nature of cyber attacks has all the knowledge needed to originate attacks, and disguise the fact they are doing so”.”

From The Guardian

Will Britain’s Pornography Filtering Lead to Internet Censorship?

“Last week, top-level British government official Ed Vaizey announced his plan to consider blocking all pornography on the Internet in the country. Vaizey, an MP and Britain’s Communications Minister who cited “solutions to protect children” as the primary reason for the new Internet filtering proposal, will meet with British ISPs to discuss plans, one of which includes an opt-in online browsing system. Under this proposal, filters at the ISP-level would be put in place on the Internet to prevent minors from accessing adult content. Adults who want access to the content would fill out a form confirming their age.”

From OpenNet Initiative