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Update on threats to freedom of expression online in Vietnam

Online freedom of expression continues to be threatened in Vietnam, as recently proposed regulations and the ongoing detainment and harassment of bloggers combine with an already strict regime of Internet filtering to further restrict information openness. This OpenNet Initiative blog post describes these new developments and reports on the results of testing conducted in Vietnam from April to August 2012.

Outsourcing Censorship

2012 Google Policy Fellow Kieran Bergmann wrote an article titled Outsourcing Censorship for the Canadian International Council on how governments in Asia are increasing their efforts to control online content.

Activists accuse Vietnam of cyber attack

Source: AFP – Yahoo! News

A US-based opposition group labelled “terrorist” by Vietnam on Monday blamed the communist government for a cyber attack that it said had crippled its website. “Beginning on August 13, hackers launched a sustained attack against,” said Viet Tan, also known as the Vietnam Reform Party, which campaigns for peaceful political change in the authoritarian state. On August 13 the “Hanoi government’s firewall” was lifted to allow a “botnet”, or network of compromised computers, to take down the Viet Tan website, the group alleged in a statement.

Even after sentence reduction, cyber-dissident still has to serve five years in prison

“Pro-democracy activist Vi Duc Hoi’s eight-year jail sentence has been reduced to five years on appeal but is still extremely harsh, Reporters Without Borders said today, reiterating its call for the release of Hoi and all the other 17 netizens currently detained in Vietnam.

In a decision issued yesterday, the appeal court also reduced the length of the house arrest that Hoi will have to serve after release from prison from five years to three. The original sentence of eight years in prison and five years house arrest on a charge of anti-government propaganda was imposed last January.

From Reporters Without Borders

Cyber-dissident gets seven years for comments posted online

“Reporters Without Borders deplores the seven-year jail sentence that a Hanoi court imposed today on dissident Cu Huy Ha Vu on a charge of “propaganda against the state,” at the end of an unfair trial lasting just half a day.

“Seventeen netizens are currently in prison in Vietnam for calling for democracy or a multi-party system,” Reporters Without Borders said. “This is the second highest number of jailed cyber-dissidents in the world.””

From Reporters Without Borders