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Activists worry about a new ‘Green Dam’ in Vietnam

IDG News Service – Human rights activists are worried that new software mandated by Vietnamese authorities may lead to an Internet clampdown in the country’s largest city.

In April, local officials issued new regulations covering Internet cafes and service providers in Hanoi, ostensibly designed to crack down on hacking and other service abuses. Buried in the regulations is a mandate that service providers must add special software to their domain servers, used to authenticate systems on the network.

From Computer World

Google Outs Cyber-Attacks Against Vietnamese Dissidents

(March 31) — Critics of the Vietnamese government are being subjected to cyber-attacks on the Internet, Google charges.

Just a week after Google shut down its servers in China to protest the country’s Internet censorship, the company says it has discovered malicious software designed to silence political dissent in Vietnam.

From AOL