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Amesys clarifies contracts and sales of products to Libya

Source: Amesys

Given that a great deal of erroneous and false information has recently appeared in the media, Amesys wishes to make the following clarifications. Amesys signed a contract with the Libyan authorities in 2007. The relevant hardware was delivered in 2008. The contract was related to the making available of analysis hardware concerning a small fraction of the Internet lines installed at that time (a few thousand).

Mideast Uses Western Tools to Battle the Skype Rebellion

“When young dissidents in Egypt were organizing an election-monitoring project last fall, they discussed their plans over Skype, the popular Internet phone service, believing it to be secure.

Skype, which Microsoft Corp. is acquiring for $8.5 billion, is best known as a cheap way to make international phone calls. But the Luxembourg-based service also is the communications tool of choice for dissidents around the world because its powerful encryption technology evades traditional wiretaps

But someone else was listening in—Egypt’s security service.

The Journal investigates the business of censorship and the use of Western technology by governments facing social unrest.”

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