Mari Zhou


COVID-KAYA and the Exposure of Healthcare Worker Data in the Philippines (Tagalog)

Ang COVID-KAYA ay isang platform na ginagamit ng mga frontline healthcare workers sa Pilipinas para mangolekta at magbahagi ng mga kaso ng COVID-19 sa Kagawaran ng Kalusugan. Natagpuang nagtataglay ng mga kahinaan ang web at Android apps nito, na pinapayagan ang mga walang pahintulot na user na makuha ang pribadong datos tungkol sa mga gumagamit ng app, at maaring maging ang datos ng mga pasyente.

Communities at Risk

How do information controls impact different communities? Debates on Internet-enabled mass surveillance practices have increasingly dominated mainstream conversations, especially after the Snowden revelations. However, what is not as well documented is targeted surveillance operations against civil society that threaten their ability to hold governments accountable.

Events-based Controls

How do events on the ground impact information control online? The Internet has amplified citizens’ communication, allowing them to organize and mobilize for political or social causes. Major sporting events have been used to introduce security measures and justify surveillance capabilities that often have a lasting legacy in the countries or regions where this happens.

Internet Governance

How is the Internet governed? Questions like where and by who decisions on governing core aspects of the Internet are made are important to address in order to understand how the Internet is governed overall.

Access My Info: Measuring Data Access Rights Around the World

This report presents results from a series of research projects that measured responses to personal data requests from telecommunication companies and Internet Service Providers across jurisdictions in Asia including Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Overall, the projects found responses from telecoms were incomplete and in some cases did not follow what is required by law.