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On the view that securing cyberspace is a global challenge – one that cannot be solved by a single company or country -- the EastWest Institute launched the Worldwide Cybersecurity Initiative in 2009. This initiative has brought together government and corporate partners to share concepts and discuss strategies for protecting the world's digital infrastructures. The following report on some of these activities.
  1. Russian-U.S. Track Two Bilateral on Critical Infrastructure Protection: Working Towards Rules for Governing Cyber Conflict: Rendering the Geneva and Hague Conventions in Cyberspace
    - This is a 50-page report with five recommendations, which addresses protecting critical humanitarian infrastructure
    - Multi-lateral implementation of the recommendations is now underway

  2. China-U.S. Track Two Bilateral on Cybersecurity: Fighting Spam to Build Trust
    - 75-page report with two recommendations and 46 voluntary best practices
    - Now being implemented by the international Message Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG)
    - Outreach to India, Russia, etc.

  3. Russia-U.S. Track Two Bilateral on Cybersecurity: Critical Terminology Foundations
    - 20 consensus terms defined (e.g., cyber space, cyber critical infrastructure, cyber conflict, cyber attack)
    - Now being extended as multi-lateral effort with next 20 terms being defined

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