Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert sat down with Masala Canada’s Wojtek Gwiazda from Radio Canada International to talk about the impact of an increase in “cloud computing” on issues of policing, privacy and human rights.

This issue was first raised by Prof. Deibert in a special volume of the G-20 Research Group publication, The G20 Cannes Summit 2011: A New Way Forward. Prof. Deibert stated that a growing number of Internet users and firms today are engaged in “cloud computing” — the process of accessing and using software remotely via the Internet. He argued that this rapid shift to an entirely new ecosystem has created a whole host of new governance issues, not least in states where democracy is lacking.

Masala Canada is a weekly radio program that deals with everything from art and culture, to economics, politics and everyday life.

To listen to the interview, see here [interview starts at the 31 minute mark].