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February 2019 – Citizen Lab researchers targeted, continued abuse of NSO technology in Mexico, and applications open for 2019 Citizen Lab Summer Institute


November 2018 – NSO spyware found in 45 countries, the Canadian connection to Khashoggi, and the dangers of AI in immigration

August 2018 – WeChat image filtering, a familiar malware campaign against the Tibetan diaspora, and NSO linked to Amnesty International targets

July 2018 – Citizen Lab updates: Insecurities in the commercial spyware industry, UN recommendations to help women stay safer online & ongoing encryption debates

June 2018 – New field guide for the encryption debate, the biggest surveillance scandal in Mexican history, and staying safer online with Security Planner

April 2018 – Middlebox redirects in Turkey and Syria, Toronto police caught using IMSI catchers, and protecting yourself with Security Planner

March 2018 – The month in review: Accessing your info, Bill C-59 analysis, and Citizen Lab at the Internet Freedom Festival

January 2018 – This month’s round-up: spying on the cheap, fitness trackers leaking military secrets, and breaking through Iranian censorship


November 2017 – Ethiopian dissidents targeted with spyware, Citizen Lab launches new digital security platform, and Korean parental apps still insecure

October 2017 – Chinese Congress content filtering, Citizen Lab partners honoured as heroes, and helping the UN address online violence against women

September 2017 – Insecure child filtering apps, Noura Al-Jizawi’s work in Syria, and social media crackdowns in China

August 2017 – Mexico spying scandal continues, censorship in Chinese mobile games, and proposed changes to CSE regulations

Summer 2017 – Censorship of Liu Xiaobo, spying in Mexico, and Black Code available for streaming

April 2017 – “We (can’t) Chat” report, Black Code film, Google Policy Fellowship, and more

February 2017 – Bitter Sweet: Supporters of Mexico’s Soda Tax Targeted with NSO Exploit Links


December 2016 – One App, Two Systems: How WeChat uses one censorship policy in China and another internationally

October 2016 – Canada’s National Security Consultation: Digital Anonymity and Subscriber Identification Revisited… Yet Again

August 2016 – A Tough Nut to Crack: A Further Look at Privacy and Security Issues in UC Browser

June 2016 – Release of DIY Transparency Report Tool

May 2016 – A New Threat Actor Against UAE Dissidents

April 2016 – Between Hong Kong and Burma: Tracking UP007 and SLServer Espionage Campaigns

March 2016 – Privacy and Security Issues in QQ Browser

February 2016 – Baidu’s and Don’ts: Privacy and Security Issues in Baidu Browser

January 2016 – Citizen Lab Hosts Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellowship


November 2015 – Packrat: Seven Years of a South American Threat Actor

September and October 2015 – Update to Citizen Lab’s “Are the Kids Alright?” Smart Sheriff report

August 2015 – Two-Factor Authentication Phishing From Iran

July 2015 – Authoritarianism Goes Global: Cyberspace Under Siege

June 2015 – Targeted Attacks against Tibetan and Hong Kong Groups

May 2015 – A Chatty Squirrel

April 2015 – China’s Great Cannon

March 2015 – Hacking Team Reloaded? US-based Ethiopian journalists again targeted with spyware

February 2015 – Joint submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression

January 2015 – The Geopolitics of Cyberspace After Snowden


December 2014 – New Publications and Happy Holidays

November 2014 – Targeted Digital Threats Against Civil Society

October 2014 – LINE keyword filtering now includes regular expressions

August and September 2014 – New targeted surveillance research, fellowship opportunity, and more

July 2014 – Information controls analyses from Thailand and Iraq, new fellowship opportunity, and more

June 2014 – New reports on Hacking Team and information controls in Iraq in reaction to ISIS, and more

May 2014 – New report on blocking of Vimeo in Indonesia, upcoming events in Toronto, and more

April 2014 – LINE Censored Keywords Update, Responding to the Crisis in Canadian Telecommunications, and more

March 2014 – Cyber Dialogue 2014, Google Fellowship + new analysis on Canadian Telecoms surveillance

February 2014 – Citizen Lab receives $1 million award, Hacking Team research, and more

January 2014 – Deibert on CSEC, Towards Transparency in Canadian Telecoms, Syrian Malware


December 2013 – Keyword censorship on Sina Weibo, response from LINE Corporation, shedding light on the surveillance industry

November 2013 – Asia Chats and Smartfilter research, Black Code out in paperback

October 2013 – Information Controls at the IGF2013, The Perils of National Security and Digital Surveillance Programs, Bounding Cyber Power

September 2013 – Censorship in China, malware targeting the Tibetan community, upcoming events, and more

August 2013 – Identifying and confirming the use of URL filtering products for censorship, Russia surveillance state, and more

July 2013 – Two new reports on Chinese censorship, malware family targeting the Tibetan community, Citizen Lab at TIFF

June 2013 – Some Devices Wander by Mistake, China Chats, Blocked on Weibo book launch and more

May 2013 – New malware attacks target Syrian opposition, Canadian filtering product in Pakistan, and more

April 2013 – Release of Black Code book, Connaught Summer Institute on monitoring Internet openness and rights

March 2013 – New report on FinFisher, op-ed in Ottawa Citizen on Canadian involvement in Internet censorship and surveillance, Cyber Dialogue 2013 concluded

February 2013 – Citizen Lab wins 2013 CLA Advancement of Intellectual Freedom in Canada Award, new reports on malware targeting Tibetan human rights organization and Iran’s increasing Internet controls

January 2013 – Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert named to the Order of Ontario, Blue Coat’s filtering, censorship, and surveillance devices used around the world, and more


December 2012 – The Growing Dark Side of the Internet … (and What To Do About It), 2012 CyberWatch Year in Review, Videos from IGF 2012 meeting in Baku now available

November 2012 – The Canadian Connection: One Year Later, throttling free speech, at home and abroad, Thailand increases controls on cyberspace

October 2012 – Malware compromised a high profile dissident residing in UAE, Ron Deibert at TEDx Toronto, update on information controls in Ethiopia

September 2012 – Update on threats to freedom of expression online in Vietnam, Highlights from Canada Centre’s Cyber Dialogue 2012: What is Stewardship in Cyberspace?, detailed analysis of a Remote Access Trojan (RAT)

August 2012 – Mobile variants of the FinFisher Spy Kit found, Outlining a Comprehensive Approach for Canada in Cyberspace, Communications Disruption & Censorship under International Law: History Lesson

July 2012 – FinSpy malware targeting Bahraini dissidents, Advanced Social Engineering for the Distribution of LURK Malware, Documenting Upstream Filtering in Oman via India

June 2012 – Spoofing the European Parliament, Syrian activists targeted with BlackShades spy software, Social Media, Inc.: The Global Politics of Big Data

May 2012 – Iranian anti-censorship software circulated with malicious backdoor, The US-Yemen cyber war panic, The outsourcing of cyberwar

April 2012 – Cyber Dialogue 2012 Stewardship Paper Series now available, OpenNet Initiative, Citizen Lab profiled in The Guardian, Citizen Lab joins global coalition calling for official withdrawal of Pakistan censorship plans

March 2012 – Information Operations and Tibetan Rights, Robert Guerra joins ICANN’s committee, Ron Deibert at RSA conference

February 2012 – Information shaping and denial in the 2008 Russia-Georgia war, Stefania Milan chosen to be new media consultant to Italian Minister of Education

January 2012 – Citizen Lab submission to the UN Working Group on Human Rights and Transnational Corporations and Other Business Enterprises, Ron Deibert named one of 12 Canadian World Changers


December 2011 – Towards a cyber security strategy for global civil society?, Access Contested book launch, Occupy Cyberspace: Can there be peace in the age of cyberwar?

November 2011 – An investigation of Syrian government and Hezbullah web hosting in Canada, Investigations of commercial filtering in Syria and Burma, Eneken Tikk-Ringas is New Post-Doctoral Fellow

October 2011 – New major report tracks challenges of a censored Internet for global broadcasters, Stefania Milan interviewed by TVO’s The Agenda, Ron Deibert interviewed by BBC Arabic

September 2011 – New Post-Doctoral Fellows Brenden Kuerbis and Stefania Milan, Probing the ethics of cyberspace research, The rise of Asian cyberspace: Challenges and opportunities for Canada

August 2011 – Fake Facebook page targets pro-revolution Syrian users, Guelph-based tech firm, Netsweeper, censors the Internet in the Middle East, OpenNet Initiative releases new report on faith-based censorship

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