ASL19 is growing and we’re looking for resourceful, creative, and kind people to join our team in Toronto.

We are exploring some exciting new ideas and starting amazing initiatives in addition to our existing projects. Therefore, we have the opportunity to invite fresh minds to our team of cyberspace researchers, software developers, and human rights advocates.

ASL19 is an interdisciplinary lab, where we monitor forces that control the Internet and come up with solutions to keep this realm open and safe for people in places like Iran, Syria, and China.

We’re hiring for three roles: Research Coordinator, Research Assistant, and Front-End Developer.

Research Manager
Part researcher, part activist, part manager, you are the point-person in our research program; researching on issues related to freedom of expression on the Internet, advocating for creative solutions/campaigns to keep it open, and managing our projects on Iran, Syria, and China. This role demands a well-rounded skill set. You’ll need to have strong research skill, have experience in activism, and be a great team player. You will need to zone in and kick ass day-to-day, but also be able to visualize how to link research and advocacy to bring about a long-term change. But don’t sweat it. You have the luxury of working with an amazing team that would support you in this process. Our team thrives on collaboration in a fast-paced and ever changing environment, but we like to take our time to define and refine problems related to cyberspace controls

Research Assistant
You will be focusing on issues of cyberspace controls and circumvention in Iran. Researching and documenting the dynamics of these opposing forces, you will need to be fluent in both Farsi and English. Since you are going to publish in English, you will need to have excellent research and writing skills in this language. In addition, you will need to be fluent in Farsi to read and comprehend Farsi blogs, articles, and news. ASL19 Research Manager and researchers will be your wingmen (and women) to support you in researching, documenting, and reporting on how the Iranian government tries to control the Internet and how Iranian citizens go around these controls.

Front-End Developer
You’re expected to be proficient in all the technical stuff, i.e. HTML, CSS, JS, right from the beginning. There is room for learning as we go but you are required to know a great deal about them before joining our team. In addition, you’re also expected to understand how to link/apply these technical stuff in order to provide an amazing experience for our
users, through our multiple online platforms. You’ll work alongside a brilliant designer and an experienced software developer from the get-go to conceptualize, design, and develop usable interfaces and interactions that have direct impact on our users’ online experience. We also expect you to mix technology with advocacy/activism and actively take part in our discussion on how best we can assist people to bypass Internet censorship/surveillance.

How to Apply
If any of these opportunities sound exciting to you and are right up your alley, we encourage you to send your resume and a portfolio of related work or sample of your writing to Adding the job title to your subject will help us find your application faster and easier.

We’ll contact suitable candidates right away. You’ll have a chance to learn more, ask questions, and visit us at our new playground.

About ASL19
ASL19 is a young not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to keeping the Internet open and safe for people in places like Iran, Syria, and China.