Citizen Lab Non-Resident Fellow Camino Kavanagh co-authored an article with author Misha Glenny in American Foreign Policy Interests (34, 2012). Titled “800 Titles but no policy – Thoughts on Cyber Warfare,” the piece examines the cyber arms race and government responses to cyber warfare threats.

Have the last few years brought the first glimpses of a cyber space arms race? Or is the Internet already a theater of cyber warfare? The whirlwind technological changes, growth, and evolution of the Internet infrastructure and networked computer systems have opened military, civilian, and industrial security breaches worldwide—an information and communications Achilles’ heel especially vulnerable to hacking and mal- ware. In response, the U.S. military has established a new Cyber Command to ‘‘patrol’’ the virtual world. With deterrence now an outmoded concept, what will the future look like in terms of safety, information security, individual rights, privacy, and access.

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