On 13-15 February 2013 Citizen Lab Special Advisor Robert Guerra will participate in “Internet 2013: Shaping policies to advance media freedom,” a conference organised by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Hofburg, Vienna.

Guerra will participate in the “Blocking and Filtering” session. Blocking and filtering are often considered to be solutions to managing hateful and illegal content online. This raises a number of legal, human rights and technical questions. Should minimum principles on ethics, accuracy and personal rights be established? If so, how could this be achieved without infringing on freedom of speech and editorial freedom? This session endeavours to assess consequences of filtering or blocking on media freedom.

The conference will start with a welcoming event on Wednesday 13 February at 19:00 in the Wintergarten, Hofburg, during which French cartoonist Plantu, Paul Lewis from the Guardian, and Jillian York from the Electronic Frontier Foundation will set the tone for the meeting in an informal setting. The conference will bring together 60 speakers and panelists as well as more than 250 guests from all over the OSCE region.

For more information and live-streaming from the conference, see here.