Citizen Lab Security Researcher Morgan Marquis-Boire will give a talk at the MIT Center for Civic Media Civic Media Lunch in Cambridge, MA on Thursday, November 7, 2013 – 12:00pm. The talk is titled, “This Mess We’re In: The Changing Landscape of Digital Surveillance”.

MIT Center for Civic Media
MIT Building E15, Room 344

For the last couple years, Morgan has focused on tracking and preventing digital attacks against high risk user groups – primarily journalists, dissidents, and activists. Increasingly, these attacks are being carried out by nation-states for espionage and surveillance purposes. Studying campaigns targeting activists in Morocco, Libya, Syria, Iran, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain during the so-called “Arab Spring” led to analysis of the global proliferation of a variety of ‘Western’ produced offensive solutions.

Against this backdrop, this talk will contextualize recent surveillance revelations with the rise of the commercial market for offensive digital capability. We’ll journey through the response of the security industry and examine how a change in security engineering methodology can help any developer create more surveillance resistant tools and services.

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