Citizen Lab Special Advisor Robert Guerra shared his views on the IGF 2013 in a piece by Monika Ermert published in Internet Policy Journal, The Bali IGF: surveillance, surveillance, surveillance.

Guerra shared his views on the topic of surveillance:

“It is a topic of considerable worry for the private sector in the United States, as well as for the Internet Society, ICANN, Regional Registries and the US government,” said Guerra.

And the piece continues:

The US would have to be open and try to rebuild trust which would be quite a challenging Guerra writes, and might be further complicated by the fact that the size of the US delegation might be substantially reduced due to the government shutdown. “So just when they need more people to come, they may be not able to bring the staff they need.“ Guerra also thinks there is “fear“ that surveillance would overshadow and drive other issues and outcomes at the meeting.

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