Senior Security Researcher and Technical Advisor Morgan Marquis-Boire was interviewed for a piece in Wired magazine on Heartbleed, “a bug in the internet’s infrastructure that some are calling the worse thing they’ve seen in years.”

“Does the internet need to do a global password reset? ” says Marquis-Boire. “Possibly not. Should they? Probably?”

To read the piece, click here.

Senior Security Researcher Seth Hardy was also featured in the Financial Post, the Globe and Mail, CBC, Sun News Network
and U of T News.

“Writing security software, cryptographic libraries, and programs that secure Internet traffic, it’s really difficult,” said Seth Hardy… “A lot of people don’t really understand the incredible amount of detail and attention to every possible outcome that needs to be made, because one mistake in the entire library can bring a system down. And that’s a flaw of the type we’re seeing with Heartbleed.”