The 2014 Citizen Lab Summer Institute will be held at the University of Toronto on July 28-31 2014

This workshop will bring together participants from across a range of academic disciplines and practitioner communities. Building on our 2013 Summer Institute, we will be convening to learn how censorship, circumvention, and surveillance may have changed over the past year and what new developments are possible to research information controls.

The Summer Institute will include panels and presentations on information controls from a wide variety of disciplines and perspectives and two days of intensive participant-led breakout groups and discussions in which participants will share latest methods, challenges, and opportunities for collaboration.

As a participant-driven event, we expect attendees to not just present research but to work to understand how their work can assist others and vice versa. Each participant will be expected to come prepared to discuss their current projects, successes and difficulties they have experienced in their research to date, lessons and resources from their work that could help others, and questions and assistance they need with their projects.

Read about the requirements and deadlines.