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7iber website blocked for second time

The Jordanian Media Commission has blocked access to from within the country, an alternate domain of made after the latter was blocked previously. was first removed via the Press and Publication Law, which requires all media commentary on the “Kingdom’s internal or external affairs” to be approved by licensing from the Jordanian Media Commission.

No notice or official information was provided, and 7iber received news of the ban through sources at the internet service providers, who received a blocking order from the Telecom Regulatory Commission. This follows 7iber’s recent approach to the Jordanian Media Commission for information on website licensing, as well as book and film censorship in Jordan. At the time, the commission cooperated and provided all relevant documents. The information provided was used to write data-based stories for the website.

Since the initial censorship of, the news magazine has taken on research projects on internet governance and digital rights, and further developed media monitoring project ‘Ghirbal.’

The organization also produced a video on the impact of proposed amendments to Jordan’s Telecommunication Law, which can be watched here. While the site remains blocked within Jordan, it has moved to the new domain