Date: Tuesday, 20 January 2015
Time: 6.30-8pm
Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building
Speakers: Professor Ronald J Deibert, Dr Gus Hossein, Professor Sir David Omand, Professor Ronald W Pruessen

What are the implications of surveillance, big data, malware and hacking for individuals and societies? What conversations do we need to have about the rules of cyberspace?

  • Ronald J Deibert (@RonDeibert) is Director of the Canada Centre for Global Security Studies and the Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto.
  • Gus Hosein (@GusHosein) is the Executive Director of Privacy International.
  • David Omand is Visiting Professor at King’s College London.
  • Ronald W Pruessen is Professor of History at the University of Toronto.

LSE IDEAS (@lseideas) is a centre for the study of international affairs, diplomacy and grand strategy.

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