As part of her ongoing research on developing resilience in high-risk digital crisis response networks, Citizen Lab Doctoral Fellow Jennie Phillips will be speaking at the following events:

Wednesday, April 8th – 3 Minute Thesis Division Finals

This coming Wednesday, Jennie Phillips will be competing in the 3 Minute Thesis Competition at the University of Toronto. The 3 minute challenge is to present her research on “Building resilience in complex systems: an evaluative approach to developing resilience in digital crisis response networks” with a single slide and three minute talk. She has already competed and passed the first level (Social Sciences and Humanities) and will be competing against 15 other finalists in the Division finals i.e. the University of Toronto level competition of students across disciplines presenting their research.

For more information about her presentation click here.

For anyone interested in attending the event, it is free and open to the public. Competition runs from  7pm to 9pm at Sandford Fleming Building, 10 King’s College Road, room 1105.
Event details are here.

Friday, May 8th – Canadian Disaster and Humanitarian Response Program

Jennie Phillips will be a guest lecturer with the Canadian Disaster and Humanitarian Response Training Program in Montreal, QC. Co-led by McGill’s Department of Family Medicine and the Humanitarian Studies Initiative, the program is a 2 week course for students and professionals interested in doing humanitarian work in disasters and humanitarian crises. Students complete 10 days of in-class training and finish with a 3 day full simulated deployment to a disaster.

Having being involved with the program last year, Jennie will be returning this year to present on two topics:

1. Organizing the Chaos: An Intro to the Incident Command System (ICS)
2. The Digital Response: Exploring the emergency response in cyber space

For anyone interested in the program, additional information can be found here OR see the program brochure for more info.

Thursday, May 14th – Humanitarian Technology Conference, Boston

Jennie Phillips will be giving a talk titled Digital Humanitarianism and the Emerging Risk Landscape at the Humanitarian Technology Conference in Boston. The event runs from from May 12-14th and, as described on the conference website, is “…an exciting, relevant and technically focused international conference designed to explore emerging technologies that further enable global humanitarian assistance.” 

Her talk will describe the citizen driven response to crisis online and the need for intelligent decision making as we leverage technology to respond to crisis.