Irene Poetranto spoke as part of a panel at the second annual Colombian Internet Governance Forum (IGF), on September 30 in a panel on cybersecurity and cyber defense. The Colombian IGF was held from September 28 to September 30,  and featured a series of panels on freedom of speech, cybersecurity, and the use of the Internet to reduce poverty.

The Colombian IGF was co-organized by Colnodo, a Cyber Stewards Network partner.

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At Hackbo, a Bogota-based hackerspace, Irene Poetranto outlined findings from Citizen Lab’s report “Communities @ Risk: Targeted Digital Threats Against Civil Society.” She will also describe Citizen Lab’s other research projects on commercial spyware, including FinFisher, Hacking Team, as well as the Syrian conflict.

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Costa Rican organization Sulá Batsú, a Cyber Stewards Network partner, is hosting two sessions of an event titled “Nos Vigilan En La red [English: They Watch us on the Web].” The organization works to improve citizen action using information and communication technologies, with a particular focus on Central America.

Irene Poetranto will speak at both sessions, the first of which is at 3:30 pm on October 3 in the Aviantica, Ciudadad Quesada, San Carlos. The second session is on October 5 at 5:30 pm at Casa Batsú, 550 meters east of the Santa Teresita Church in Barrio Escalante.