Citizen Lab Senior Research Fellow Claudio Guarnieri was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, featuring in the Enterprise Technology section. This is the second time Guarnieri has been nominated to the list, having previously been nominated to the Law and Policy section. Forbes cited his work in uncovering the use of Hacking Team spy software against activists, as well as the creation of Sandbox and Malwr, open-source Malware analysis tools.

In an interview with UofT student newspaper The Varsity, Guarnieri outlined his work with the Citizen Lab. “I focus on investigating and reporting on targeted digital attacks against activists, dissidents, and journalists around the world. The Citizen Lab is [an] inter-disciplinary laboratory that bridges technical research with political analysis,” he said.  He added: “[The Citizen Lab] is a very unique place where people with very diverse backgrounds come together to produce some of the most outstanding and revealing research projects in technical and Internet policy communities.”

Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert said that “Claudio is an extraordinary researcher and a very gifted malware analyst with a strong commitment to human rights. This mix of characteristics is exactly what we aim to attract at the Citizen Lab.”

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