Citizen Lab Research Officer Adam Senft and Senior Researcher Jeffrey Knockel will attend the 2016 Internet Freedom Festival (IFF) from March 1-6, in Valencia, Spain. The event is being held at Las Naves, Calle de Juan Verdeguer 16, 46024. The IFF brings diverse individuals, such as activists, journalists, software developers, media organizations, and more to work against censorship and surveillance.

Citizen Lab Senior Research Fellow Jeffrey Knockel will run a session entitled “What your Apps say about you (and how to find out)” along with Antonio Espinoza, a computer science PhD student at the University of New Mexico. The session will be held from 12:00-1:00 pm on Thursday March 3 in La Factoria.

Session Description:

“We will start by showing how to easily set up a home network to capture your phone’s Internet traffic, which is often enough to reveal sensitive information an app sends about you. Then we will demonstrate how to decrypt https traffic, which is often used to encrypt sensitive information. Some apps encrypt their traffic by rolling their own “homebrew” encryption, which can often be easily decrypted. We will briefly demonstrate how to decrypt this traffic in typical cases. Anyone interested or concerned about what their app may say about them will find this session informative.”

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