In an article authored by its editorial board, the Washington Post (WP) cited Citizen Lab Director Ron Deibert’s  article in the Journal of Democracy, titled “Cyberspace Under Siege.” The WP Editorial Board argues that the rise of authoritarian, illiberal values is a worrying global trend. They cite Ron Deibert’s argument that the autocrats are beginning to coral the Internet, using it to their own strategic advantage through information controls, and sharing their techniques with each other.

‘Cyberspace Under Siege’ Abstract:

Far from being made obsolete by the Internet, authoritarian regimes are now actively shaping cyberspace to their own strategic advantage. This article argues that cyberspace authoritarianism has evolved over at least three generations of information controls. Moreover, authoritarians have developed an arsenal that extends from technical measures, laws, policies, and regulations, to more covert and offensive techniques, such as targeted malware attacks and campaigns to coopt social media. The article outlines the driving forces behind resurgent authoritarianism in cyberspace and questions what can be done to counter the tightening grip of authoritarians on cyberspace.

Read the full journal article, or the Washington Post Editorial.