Citizen Lab’s Cyber Stewards Network Partner ICT Watch was selected for a 2016 WSIS Champion Projects Award, for their project entitled “”Internet Sehat” (Healthy Internet) Towards Indonesian Information Society.” Winners were announced at the 2016 WSIS Prize Ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland on May 3. WSIS Stocktacking documents the activities carried out by governments, international organizations, businesses, and civil society actors since the launch of the World Summit of Information Society conferences.

ICT Watch’s project was selected based on over 245, 000 votes, as well as a selection phase conducted by WSIS’s Expert Group. ICT Watch was one of five organizations selected under the “Ethical Dimensions of the Information Society” subcategory.

Project description:

ICT Watch is firmly committed to freedom of information and is keenly aware of the emerging challenge to the online freedom of expression in Indonesia. ICT Watch strategy is carefully calibrated to manage this challenge indirectly, by creating the conditions for responsible Internet use and the creation and distribution of high-quality online content, and by involving multistakeholder as partner in the program’s proliferation. Through the “Internet Sehat” program, ICT Watch have endeavored to show the multistakeholder that people can take responsibility for their online activities. For this ICT Watch released a how-to module under creative commons license for parents and teachers, and endorsed several public comic books for children/youngsters containing basic knowledge about the Internet safety. ICT Watch also participate in various offline activities, such as workshops, roadshows to schools/campuses and communities. ICT Watch communication media to public such as Facebook page with 73,000 members, Twitters with 697 thousand followers, Blog, YouTube, Flickr and Slideshare.

Visit the Internet Sehat homepage.