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Derechos Digitales and the EFF publish report on Chilean ISP privacy policies

Citizen Lab’s Cyber Stewards Network Partner Derechos Digitales has published a report in collaboration with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, titled “Who Has Your Back in Chile? First-Annual Report Seeks to Find Out Which Chilean ISPs Stand With Their Users.” The report evaluates the privacy practices of Chilean Internet service providers (ISPs) and telephone companies.

Chileans go online more than any nationality in Latin America, while their data goes through just a handful of ISPs, making defending their information largely the task of these companies. The report examines, among other indicators, things like whether the companies notify users when complying with judicial requests for access to their account data, or whether companies challenge surveillance laws or individual demands for user data. The report also incorporates questionnaires and private interviews conducted with the ISPs, along with a relative ranking for the privacy protections these companies offer.

Read the full report or a Spanish summary of the report.