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ICT Watch project nominated for World Summit for the Information Society prize

Citizen Lab Cyber Stewards Network Partner ICT Watch is one of 18 Indonesian organizations nominated for a World Summit for the Information Society (WSIS) prize in 2017. The WSIS prizes have been organized by the United Nations since 2012, and supports the Internet community in achieving sustainable development goals by 2030.

ICT Watch was nominated for the award for their project entitled “Internet Sehat (Internet Healthy): Towards Indonesian Information Society.” The project description is as follows:

ICT Watch is committed to the online freedom of expression and aware of the emerging challenges to it, while continuing to combat online hoax and disinformation by delivering the Indonesian literacy digital, called “Internet Sehat”, to the public. Internet Sehat provides high-quality Indonesian online content under creative-common license, including a series of social media for social movement documentary videos for public screening and discussion. Also included is an updated presentation kit and how-to modules and leaflets for public education. Internet Sehat also delivered through offline activities, such as workshops, to schools, campuses and local communities, simultaneously facilitating multistakeholder engagement and developing capacity of local actors/communities.

ICT Watch has partnered with the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the Cyber Law Centre at Padjadjaran University, and other government and civil society organizations to facilitate the project.

Read information on the Internet Sehat projecta list of nominated projects, or vote for a winner for the WSIS prizes until April 30, 2017.