On Tuesday, December 5, Citizen Lab researchers will participate in a panel discussion at the annual conference hosted by the International Political Science Association. This year’s IPSA gathering will look at “Political Science in the Digital Age: Mapping Opportunities, Perils and Uncertainties” and will investigate, among other items, how digital channels have altered the relationships between citizens, states, and societal actors.

Citizen Lab researchers will take part in a talk entitled “Cybersecurity and Human Rights in the Online World.” The forum will be chaired by Ron Deibert (Citizen Lab Founder and Director), discussed by Madeline Carr (Cardiff University), and panelled by Jon Penney (Dalhousie University and Citizen Lab Research Fellow), Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam and former Citizen Lab post-doc Fellow), and Irene Poetranto (Citizen Lab Senior Researcher).

Panel information

“Cybersecurity and Human Rights in the Online World”
Tuesday, December 5, 11-12:30, Room 4

More information about the panels can be found here.