In fall 2018, the Citizen Lab commissioned a scoping study in the context of its existing research streams—Targeted Threats, Freedom of Expression Online, App Privacy and Controls, and Transparency and Accountability. The purpose of the scoping study was to identify gaps relevant to these research areas in the field of gender and digital security. Findings from this scoping study aim to inform the Citizen Lab’s objective of producing evidence-based research on gender and digital security that enhances understanding and builds capacity, especially of partners in the Global South, as part of efforts to ensure a more open, secure, and equitable Internet.

Conducted over seven months, the scoping study included 30 interviews with Citizen Lab staff, partners, donors, and relevant experts, a review of academic and nonacademic research literature, and group discussions with members of the Citizen Lab. This report contains a summary of the scoping study’s results and it proceeds as follows: first, it outlines the Lab’s work on gender and digital security; second, it maps the landscape of research and advocacy in this field and discusses the interviews’ findings; and finally, it highlights some of the research gaps that are relevant to the Citizen Lab’s work.

Read the full report for more research and analysis.