The Citizen Lab is thrilled to welcome Vuyo Kwakweni, recipient of the 2022 Reset Scholarship in Social Media and Democracy.

A South African student studying at the University of Toronto, Vuyo is obtaining a double major in Mathematics and Political Sciences, and a minor in Statistics. However, it is seemingly by chance that he ended up enrolling in Ron Deibert’s first-year political science class:

“I did not know much about Professor Deibert’s course before taking it. I was looking for a politics course and it seemed interesting from its description! I applied for the award because after taking the course, I found that I was really curious about the work that they did at the Citizen Lab. Learning about the intersection between politics and the internet (and climate change!) has been such an eye opening experience, and I wanted the opportunity to learn from a group of people who are doing important work for the world.”

When not studying, Vuyo can be found head-first in a science-fiction/fantasy novel or exploring the parks and gardens around Toronto.

Credit: Vuyo Kwakweni