More Tibetans arrested in connection with Internet activities

Reporters Without Borders calls for the release of three young Tibetans from the village of Dara who have been held in Nagchu county since 1 October, when they were arrested in nearby Sogdzong county for allegedly sending information about Tibet to contacts abroad via the Internet. From Reporters Without Borders

Russia considers new Internet filtering technology

According to this article published on a Russian news-site Inbox.ru, Russia has moved one inch closer to the China-style system of filtering the Web. Russia’s Ministry of Communications has urged ISPs to start filtering “negative” Internet content in places that provide public access to the Internet (think cafes, libraries, etc). Such filters have already been… Read more »

Internet Companies to Limit Government Censorship

The South Korean government is considering more ways to impose rules on Internet users, but some companies operating Web sites are resisting the heavy-handedness. From The Korea Times

US House demands Vietnam free bloggers

WASHINGTON — The US House of Representatives on Wednesday called on Vietnam to free jailed bloggers, voicing concern that the communist country is stepping up curbs on Internet freedom. From AFP

Bloggers and writers sentenced to long prison terms

Dozens of dissidents have been arrested in Vietnam since September 2008 and, last week, nine Vietnamese bloggers and writers were charged with anti-government propaganda and sentenced to severe prison terms, reports Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and the Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC) of International PEN. From Internet Freedom of Expression eXchange

China Cracks Down on Tor Anonymity Network

For the first time, the Chinese government has attacked one of the best, most secure tools for surfing the Internet anonymously. The clampdown against the tool, called Tor, came in the days leading up to the 60th anniversary of China’s “national day” on October 1. It is part of a growing trend in which repressive… Read more »

China: Blocking Twitter's third party applications

In the past few days, Chinese twitterers reported that the Chinese censor has blocked a number of popular Twitter’s third party applications. Since Fanfou, the Chinese micro-blogging website, has been ordered to shut down earlier this year, many bloggers moved to Twitter to spread their ideas. Net activists believe that it is impossible to block… Read more »