Jon Penney

Jonathon Penney is Citizen Lab’s 2011 Google Policy Fellow. He is currently a pursuing a doctorate in information and communication sciences at Oxford University. Before Oxford, Jonathon spent time studying and researching at Columbia Law School, where he was a Fulbright Scholar, and at Victoria University, where he was a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in the law faculty. A graduate of Dalhousie University and native Nova Scotian, he has served as Associate Editor of the Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal, and worked as a lawyer and as a policy adviser at the federal level.

At Oxford, he is pursuing an interdisciplinary project, studying the “chilling effect” that certain laws and regulatory schemes, like take-down notices, have on speech and expression online. His broader research interests include constitutional & public law, intellectual property, and technology law, both separately and where these areas intersect.


Planet Netsweeper: Section 2 – Country Case Studies

In this section, we spotlight several countries where we have evidence of public ISPs blocking websites using Netsweeper’s products. Each country has significant human rights, public policy, insecurity, or corruption challenges, and/or a history of using Internet censorship to prevent access to content that is protected under international human rights frameworks.