Miles Kenyon


Bill Robinson and CSE Recommendations in Bill C-59

As part of Citizen Lab’s SIGINT working group (which focuses on Canada’s signals intelligence activities), Bill Robinson offers an analysis of proposed legislative changes in Bill C-59.

Code of Conduct Resources

Reflections and resources on developing a code of conduct for the Citizen Lab Summer Institute.

Citizen Lab Summer Institute Code of Conduct

The Citizen Lab Summer Institute (CLSI) is an inclusive event where people should feel comfortable sharing their work, opinions, and perspectives. All of us commit to engaging with each other mindfully to ensure an environment that promotes shared learning and collaboration.

Black Code Available for Streaming

Black Code, the documentary based on Citizen Lab founder and director Ron Deibert’s book of the same name, is now available for streaming on iTunes, Google Play, and other platforms.

Jon Penney on the Chilling Effects of Online Surveillance

When the general public becomes increasingly aware of online surveillance attempts, how do they respond? Jon Penney, research fellow at Citizen Lab, looks into how individuals navigate this digital landscape and who is most likely to alter their behaviour.

New York Times Front Page Coverage of Reckless III

On July 10, 2017 Citizen Lab’s Reckless III report received front page coverage on the New York Times. This research revealed phishing attempts made against international investigators who were in Mexico probing the mass disappearance off 43 students.

New York Times Front Page Coverage of Reckless Exploit

On June 19, 2017 Citizen Lab’s Reckless Exploit report received front page coverage on the New York Times. This research revealed that Mexican journalists and lawyers were the targets of sophisticated phishing attempts, using government-exclusive spyware produced by the NSO Group.

Leandro Ucciferri on the Identity We Can’t Change

What does it mean for technology to be increasingly reliant on biometrics? Do facial recognition practices make room for racial discrimination? With both private companies and states implementing biometric technologies, what human rights issues arise? These are some of the questions addressed in Leandro Ucciferri’s new post with Privacy International, “The Identity We Can’t Change”.