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IMSI Catcher Report Calls for Transparency, Proportionality, and Minimization Policies

This report investigates the surveillance capabilities of IMSI Catchers, efforts by states to prevent information relating to IMSI Catchers from entering the public record, and the legal and policy frameworks that govern the use of these devices. The report principally focuses on Canadian agencies but, to do so, draws comparative examples from other jurisdictions. The report concludes with a series of recommended transparency and control mechanisms that are designed to properly contain the use of the devices and temper their more intrusive features.


Research Reports Director Ron Deibert’s blog posts provide summaries and analysis of Citizen Lab research reports and can be found here. Jeffrey Knockel and Lotus Ruan. “Bada Bing, Bada Boom: Microsoft Bing’s Chinese Political Censorship of Autosuggestions in North America,” Citizen Lab Report No. 156, University of Toronto, May 2022. John Scott-Railton, Elies Campo, Bill… Read more »


Faculty Ronald J. Deibert Professor of Political Science, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy Director email: ron at (pgp) Staff Bahr Abdul Razzak Security Researcher email: bahr at (pgp) Noura Al-Jizawi Research Assistant email: noura at Siena Anstis Senior Legal Advisor email: siena at Céline Bauwens Manager Sharly Chan… Read more »

Consultation on the IPC’s Strategic Priorities

In order to contribute to the IPC’s deliberations in the triaging of its strategic priorities, this submission serves to provide particularized input with respect to the IPC’s public interest mandate in the oversight of law enforcement authorities when it comes to the use of algorithmic policing technology in Ontario.