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Ronald Deibert Delivers Testimony to the House of Commons on Parliamentary Duties and the COVID-19 Pandemic

In what follows, I first provide a summary of the Citizen Lab’s recent investigation into the security of Zoom’s video conferencing application, and the company’s responses. I then discuss a broader range of digital security risks that are relevant to the work-from-home routines that MPs and their staff are following. Finally, I conclude with six recommendations.

خطوات لتكون أكثر أمانًا بعد استهداف محتمل لجهازك المحمول

English العربية Español ما هذا؟ هذه الصفحة مخصصة فقط لمستخدمي Android الذين تلقوا اتصالًا رسميًا باستهداف محتمل في حادثة تتعلق ببرامج التجسس الخاصة بـ NSO Group والتي حدثت في ربيع عام 2019. في حال لم يتم التواصل معك، فمن المرجح ألا تكون هذه النصيحة مناسبة لك. إذا كنتكنت تبحث عن نصائح عامة حول كيفية رفع… Read more »


English العربية Español What Is This? This page is intended ONLY for Android users receiving an official outreach of possible targeting in an incident related to NSO Group’s spyware that took place in Spring 2019. If you did not get such an outreach, this advice is probably not right for you. If you are looking… Read more »

The Dangerous Effects of Unregulated Commercial Spyware

In recent days, United Nations Special Rapporteurs have released two revelatory reports that demonstrate the dangerous effects of unchecked technology in the hands of autocrats: one relating to the proliferation and abuse of surveillance software and one that investigates the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Both reports highlight the danger of unaccountable and unregulated surveillance technology sold to countries with egregious human rights records.

Letter to South Yorkshire Pensions Authority on Novalpina Capital Investment Fund

Given Novalpina Capital’s recent acquisition of NSO Group and the obvious human rights concerns raised by NSO Group’s business practices, Citizen Lab’s Ronald Deibert seeks a response from the South Yorkshire Pensions Authority regarding how its investment in Novalpina is consistent with the Authority’s Policy and what measures were taken by the Authority to inform and educate pension fund contributors and members regarding NSO Group.