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Blocked for 10 days, is Twitter via SMS in the process of being restored?

“Reporters Without Borders is having difficulty establishing whether Cameroonian mobile phone operator MTN’s Twitter via SMS service has finally been restored after being blocked for about 10 days at the government’s behest. Contradictory statements are being made.

The suspension of the service, coming as it did after demonstrations against President Paul Biya at the end of February, has prompted fears of an attempt by the Cameroonian government to suppress the use of social networks, which have played a crucial role in the political unrest in the Arab world.”

From Reporters Without Borders

Cameroon bans mobile Twitter service

“The official Twitter Mobile account announced yesterday that ‘Twitter SMS on MTN Cameroon has been suspended by the Cameroonian government.’

The country’s opposition had been planning ‘Egypt-like’ protests against longtime President Paul Biya in February, but those were quickly disrupted and put down by the government’s security forces.”

From Foreign Policy