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Russian LiveJournal users fear election crackdown

Source: Olga Khrustaleva, Moscow News

The biggest-ever hack attack on LiveJournal, the world’s biggest blogging network, and its prominent opposition voices, has prompted bloggers to fear a new wave of shut-offs closer to the elections.

Last week, from Monday to Friday, a massive series of DDoS attacks, believed to emanate from computers in Latin America, hit LiveJournal’s Qwest and Verizon servers – hitting the network’s most prominent anti-government critics, including anti-corruption blogger Alexei Navalny.

The bloggers are hitting back, however, accusing authorities of wanting to quieten opposition in the run-up to the elections – but insisting the clampdown would be unsuccessful.

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Thai Twitter users face prison if they tweet during election

Source: The Next Web

With the 2011 Thai General Election fast approaching, the nation is gearing up to embrace what could herald a new chapter for the country, and revitalize its democracy after more than 5 years of political crisis.

But news has emerged that Thais could face a stint in jail and a hefty fine if they’re caught commenting on any of the candidates or the parties on Twitter – or any other digital channel – in the build up to the election.

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Ahead Of Elections, Kazakhstan Blocks Websites

“It’s election season in Kazakhstan and the government isn’t risking an Arab-style revolt (a very unlikely prospect anyway). But to play it safe, in recent weeks the Kazakh authorities have increased web censorship in the Central Asian country.

Last week our bureau in Almaty noticed that some RFE/RL sites (including our Kazakh, Russian, and English-language sites) were not accessible for those who connect through the biggest ISPs — KazTeleCom and Nursat, which are closely associated with the state.”

From Radio Free Europe

Tunisian president quits after violent protests

“Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali quit on Friday after 23 years in power and fled the north African state as the authorities declared a state of emergency following deadly protests.

Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi announced on state television that he had taken over as interim president, after a day of violent clashes between rock-throwing protesters and riot police in the streets of central Tunis.

‘I call on Tunisians of all political persuasions and from all regions to demonstrate patriotism and unity,’ Ghannouchi said in a solemn live address.”

From Sydney Morning Herald

TOC, gazetted

“The Government has sent shock waves across Singapore by ordering The Online Citizen, one of the country’s most popular socio-political websites, to be gazetted as a political organization. This gazetting means that The Online Citizen (TOC) will not be able to use any of its new media platforms during the upcoming General Elections to voice its support for any political party or personalities, according to the TOC website.”

From The Online Citizen

Belarus Police Arrest Opposition Leaders

“MINSK, Belarus — The government of President Aleksandr G. Lukashenko on Monday carried out a sweeping crackdown on opposition leaders and their supporters, making arrests that drew scathing condemnations from Western governments and seemed to imperil recent efforts to improve relations.

By late in the day, at least six of the nine opposition candidates who ran against Mr. Lukashenko in elections on Sunday were under arrest. The arrests followed an attempt by opposition supporters to storm the main government headquarters here in a futile effort to block the suspiciously lopsided re-election of Mr. Lukashenko, one of the world’s most authoritarian presidents.”

From The New York Times

Independent Media Sites in Belarus Reportedly Hijacked During Election

“Belarus is holding an election today. This election is particularly important because Aleksandr G. Lukashenko, sometimes referred to as the ‘last dictator of Europe,’ has allowed a fair degree of freedom throughout the campaign, including giving free airtime on national TV to opposition candidates, during which they were allowed to criticize him without censorship.

However, it appears that Belarus is continuing in its mixed record of allowing free access to opposition Internet sites during elections. I am getting reports from a digital activist whom I trust of DDoS attacks against a number of sites, which is common during times of crisis in authoritarian countries.”

From Hal Roberts

Egypt imposes SMS restrictions

“Egypt’s telecommunications regulator has imposed new restrictions on mobile text messages ahead of legislative elections.

Mahmoud el-Gweini, adviser to Egypt’s telecommunications minister, said on Tuesday that companies sending out text messages en masse – known as SMS aggregators – must now obtain licenses.”

From Al Jazeera