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Boundaries of censorship in Iran

Government officials’ responses to the blocking and the subsequent resumption of access to Google services give evidence that perhaps the Islamic Republic of Iran will remain receptive to popular demands and respect the boundaries of censorship.

Google puts identity provider pieces in place

The past two weeks brought several important developments from Google related to online identity. The big story was Google’s revision to its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service which will go into effect March 1 and uniformly govern most of Google’s services. This raises a question. By adopting the various policy changes mentioned, does Google now have an ability to evaluate the veracity of user information associated with accounts?

Google computer reports China blockage, all humans report otherwise

“As of this writing, numerous major American and European news outlets are reporting that Google is blocked in China, based on the information appearing on Google’s Mainland China service availability page.

However no journalist has actually confirmed with a human being at Google that this information is correct. What’s more, I’ve heard from several dozen people all over China who say that Google isn’t blocked for them when they access it on their Internet connections from Beijing to Shanghai to Sichuan to Hunan.

I have yet to hear from a single person who can’t access Google search in Mainland China. I am collecting people’s responses via Twitter here. Also see the #googlecn tag. For a sampling see here, here, here, here, and here.

The most insane part of this whole non-story is that Google’s stock fell 1.4 percent and Baidu’s stock rose 3.5 percent. What’s even funnier are all the financial analysts who commented to Reuters about the block…funny that is if you don’t own Google stock…”

From RConversation

Google threat to leave points up China-linked cyber attacks

Google’s announcement Tuesday that it might pull out of the Chinese market has cast a sharp focus on long-standing accusations about the shadowy world of Chinese hackers. Since at least 2002, human rights activists have accused the Chinese government and military of infiltrating their computers as well as those maintained by private companies and nongovernmental… Read more »

Chinese hackers force US showdown

Google’s fight with Chinese censors risks escalating into a fullblown US-China showdown over cyber warfare, as claims emerge about the unprecedented scale of Chinese attacks on US commercial and defence systems. The Chinese-originated attack on Gmail accounts of human rights activists, which Google said had partly prompted its threat to leave China, was “probably insignificant”… Read more »